G2GJANE : remember a time when you could leave the technopsychosphere and obsessively mine into your cranial desires through excitedly mutual internet connection rewarding beyond the interpassive clicky clicky f*cky f*cky I should be doing something elsey of Now? A hybridity of the physical into the digital, still flesh, dial up, feels hot, unfinished, sounds like Miss Kitten, ADULT maybe even Legowelt, chiptune, outsider electronica, (her)noise, electroclash et al. TLC23 invites you to a  HighCyborgFemme, ultra pelvic energy party performance to get us online autonomously with an uploadable open source website compendium of our activities, interests, friends productions, destructions and things which definitely would get no ‘likes’ or published anywhere else; born from the crevices of our collective neurosis. Especially specific solicited line up/ late license/ lasers》
(By Katie Shannon)